Celebrate the start of fall by creating arts and crafts with your kids

The official first day of fall is September 22nd. Have you noticed a change in the weather? Leaves start changing color and start falling. Crisp breezes have you pulling out your cozy sweater. To celebrate the changing of the seasons, we wanted to share some of our favorite arts and crafts projects to do with your kids. When we think of fall, we think autumn leaves and pumpkins! Kaplan Early Learning Company shared a DIY Pumpkin Yarn Garland and Autumn Leaf Animal Collages. These collages can be completed with items found right in your backyard! Another great place to find [...]

Will Your Student be “IN” School?

More than 100 private schools in the Baltimore area are currently in the process of navigating through the decision to offer online or in-person learning for their students this fall. There are pros and cons to both offerings, and fortunately, many parents will have a choice for their students, as a growing number of these schools will accommodate both. Three things have become clear to me as the fall semester approaches: I do not believe there is a right or wrong choice here, especially for elementary and younger middle school students. Think about having to choose to send your child [...]

Education, Poverty, and Maryland

Executive Director Beth Harbinson shares the connection between education and poverty through experiences she’s witnessed first hand. CSFB’s 97 percent high school graduation rate reinforces the fact that school choice helps to break the cycle and provides education for children that parents believe will be most effective. In an article, America’s Poverty-Education Link, from The Huffington Post, contributor Howard Steven Friedman, a statistician and health economist for the United Nations and teacher at Columbia University writes: “Poverty and education are inextricably linked where education is a primary means of social mobility, enabling those born into poverty to rise in society. […]