Education News: These Numbers May Surprise You

In the Calculated Choices: Equity and Opportunity in Baltimore City Public Schools report, Baltimore’s Fund for Educational Excellence discovered many findings that can, and should, inform CSFB’s work related to the choices that our middle school students have as they move on to high school. Here are just a few of the numbers from that excellent report. They may surprise you! 77 vs. 15 – The percent of city school graduates from the class of 2015 who enrolled in college from Poly vs. Augusta Fells the fall after high school graduation. 74 vs. 39 – Percentage of high school students from the [...]

Competition is Good. Beth Harbinson on 88.1 WYPR

Please listen to 88.1 WYPR Tuesday mornings to hear a variety of important commentaries by Baltimore community leaders including CSFBaltimore executive director, Beth Harbinson, who will discuss educational equality, school choice, and more. Read below, Beth’s second in a series of pieces for WYPR which will air Tuesday, December 16th during the 9am news hour. Competition is good Baltimore’s public school system has embraced competition through its support and encouragement of charter schools. Competition is a good thing but, for the most part, it’s been limited to the playing field or gymnasium, not the classroom or more specifically, the number of occupied […]