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Our Impact

Changing Thousands of Lives: 7,500 Scholarships and counting!

Each year our program supports hundreds of students in over 50 schools throughout Baltimore City. Four factors set CSFB apart from other programs designed to improve the well-being of under-served children:

  • Immediacy: CSFB is a program that works, and it’s working now. There are hundreds of empty seats in private and parochial schools in Baltimore City. We can fill them, today!
  • Alignment: Parents place a high priority on their children’s education. Each family contributes at least $500 to their children’s education. Parental involvement has proven to be a key factor in a child’s academic success.
  • Stability: We are committed to becoming long-term partners with our families. In addition to providing the continuity of kindergarten-through-8th-grade education funding, CSFB empowers families by offering a choice of schools as well as scholarships to all siblings, keeping families together.
  • Equitable: Our scholarships are awarded based on a family’s need – not grades or test scores.

Children’s Scholarship Fund and its partner programs are providing scholarships to more than 23,851 children this school year with funding of over $41 million dollars. Since CSF’s inception in 1998, the lives of almost 158,000 children across the United States have been changed for the better by CSF scholarships worth $695 million.

By lifting up one child, we lift up a family.

By lifting up many children, we lift many families.

By lifting many families, we lift a community.

By lifting many communities, we lift our entire state, our nation, and ourselves.


CSF Scholars are more likely to graduate than their public school peers, as demonstrated by studies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Charlotte, Denver, and Philadelphia.

Studies of CSF Scholars in Baltimore, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Memphis and Philadelphia found their test scores were higher than those of their counterparts in nearby public schools.

In Baltimore, data from an independent study conducted with funding from The Friedman Foundation measures high school graduation rates and college attendance rates of CSFB scholars. A few of the statistical highlights include a 97% high school graduation rate and a 84% college attendance rate.

CSFB has helped thousands of Baltimore City children, and can help thousands more. We are helping to close the achievement gap.”      — Dr. Howard Baetjer, Jr., Chairman Emeritus