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Give for generations to come by investing in education today!

CSFB is a 501(c) (3) organization supported by a wonderful community of committed donors, who are passionate about education. We currently provide over $500,000 in scholarships annually, funded by individuals and foundations around Baltimore City, including all of our Trustees. We would love the opportunity to include new faces in our community – the more we can raise, the more children we can support.

Each year CSFB is able to help hundreds of children afford a safe, quality education. However, each year there are hundreds of children we must turn away. The only thing holding these children back is lack of funding.

There are several ways to donate:


Donate online here.



Send us a check.

1000 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


Wire or Stock Transfer.

Call us at
for details.

Please be sure to include your contact information with your donation so that we can provide a receipt for you, and let you know the impact your gift has made for our families! 100% of your donation is tax deductible and goes directly to helping these children get the education they deserve. If you are interested in discussing a bequest or other planned gift, or would like to visit a school, please contact us for further details.

THANK YOU for taking the initiative and investing in Baltimore City students!

CSFB helps to level the playing field for low-income kids who want to become productive citizens – it fills a vital education need.

2015 – 2016 Donors

CSFB would like to thank our donors for helping give our kids a chance. We are grateful for every donation we receive from individuals, organizations, and businesses. If your name is missing, please contact us at

$50,000 AND ABOVE
CSF, Inc.
Davis Family Foundation

$49,999 – $25,000
Allegis Group Foundation
Baltimore Next Generation
Investing Event
Clayton Baker Trust
Lockhart Vaughan
Thomas Wilson Sanitarium
for Children of
Baltimore City
Legg Mason Charitable

$24,999 – $10,000
Alban Foundation
Baltimore City Foundation
Bunting Family Foundation
Charles Crane Family Foundation
Friends of Children’s Scholarship Fund
Grunwald Family Charitable Foundation
Samuel and Margaret Gorn Foundation
Huether-McClelland Foundation
Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund
OneMain Financial
Kate and David Powell
Richard Riggs
T. Rowe Price Foundation
Mark and Kathryn Vaselkiv
Venable Foundation
WPW Foundation

$9,999 – $5,000
Howard Baetjer, Jr.
Kelso Bishop Family Foundation
M&T Bank Charitable Foundation
George Roche
Matthew & Christina Wyskiel Family
Charitable Gift Fund

$4,999 – $2,500
Sean and Constance
F. Barry Bilson
Rick, Alexa, Maeve and
Charlotte Corcoran
Bart Harvey
Jay Lohse
Sophia Marquez-Wallace
John and Susan Powell


William C. and Mayer Baker
Theresa and Jeffrey Becks
Bradley BEEEM Fund
J. Parker and Laura Davis
Mark and Aimee Fulchino
The Gathering
John “Wes” Guckert
Tim and Devon
Hathaway Fund
Donald J. Hoelting
Robert and Jenny
Hopkins Fund
Linehan Family Foundation
James and Mary Miller
Owen Charitable
Van Dyke Family
Brad and Crickett Woloson

$1,999 – $1,000
Arborvitae Fund
Berrier Family Fund
Tim Burdette
Ann and Frank
Cahouet Foundation
Richard and Karen
Georgette Kiser
Donna and Ernest Kovacs
Margaret A. and Robert S.
Lawrence Jr. Charitable
Gift Fund
Daniel and Gay
Bob and Elaine Schaefer
D. William and
Pamela Schlott
Slate Capital Group
Ralph Smith
Mark Terranova
Dan and Krissie Verbic

$999 – $500
Baum Foundation
Chef’s Expressions
David and Allison Clapp
Nicholas and Louise Cortezi
Doug and Corie Godine
Brian and Kristen Graney
John and Elizabeth Hehir
Robert and Sandy Hillman
Craig and Kelly Horner
Annie and Henry Jenkins
Jake and Jennifer Martin
Robert and Maryann
Michelle and Ira Malis
James Meek
Neil and Sayra Meyerhoff
Drs. Redonda Miller and
Albert Polito
Marta and David Mossburg
Lisa Rapuano
Jacob Stokes
Kelly and Michael Sturman
Jules Szanton

$499 – $250
Jay and Julia Acker
Rabbi Chaim Amster
CANUSA Corporation
Charitable Fund
Sheldon and Jamie Caplis
Cooper Family Fund
James Dawson
Edward Delaplaine
Nancy Dorman
Michael and Ruth Edidin
Christine and Peter
Feats Impact Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Gordon and Martha Glenn
Elizabeth Green, Esq.
Renee Guckert, Esq.
Judith and Steven Haines
The Joshua Fund
Rivka Laks
Julie-Lynn Lewis
Elizabeth Massing
Joyce and Hugh
McCormick Charitable
Timothy C. Naylor
Norcross Fund
Barbara Neuman Pollak
Betsy Sandbower
Phillip Spevak
Michael Stavrinos
Ferrier R. Stillman
James and Jacqueline
Stradtner Foundation
Jane Webster
Stephen Williams

$249 – $101

The A Foundation
Associated Jewish
Charities of
Deborah Baum
Sharon Benyowitz
Lee and Rachel Birnbaum
William and Lee Bone
Boruch Brown
Kathryn Byram
Marvin and Shirley Davids
Cameron and Meara
Francoise E. Engel, DDS
Valerie Grays
Daniel and Chaya
Louis and Hope Grenzer
Scott and Beth Harbinson
Jack L. Harvey
Brooks and Denise Kitchel
David Miller
John M. Prugh
Ernie and Rania Rafailides
Jamila Sams
Julia and Kevin Schnupp
Katie and Philip Shaw
Steven Shore
Alisa Rock and Jim Wade
Edward Wight

$100 OR LESS
Mr. Arpen
Amazon Smile
Thomas Azman
Wendy Baird
Joel and Feige Baumer
Stewart and Sharon
Timothy and Diane Boia
Mehdi Bousaidi
Kevin and Heather
Scott Burleigh
Lawrence Copeland
Michael Cox
Anna Dahl
Stephen and Amy
Karen Jordan and
Daniel L. Davis
Mary Davis
(In honor of Susan
Suzanna Duvall
Natalie Eaton
Michael and Ruth Edidin
John Egger
Yousof and Farah Fakheri
William Marlo Jr.
and Trit Farley
Jonathan and Kelly First
Stanley and Renee
Gershon Frankel
Philanthropic Fund
Howard Friedman
Kevin and Cathy Gaynor
Mayer and Nita Gerstein
Vishva and Barbara
Moshe and Goldie Glazer
Mordecai and Charlotte
Glicksman Charity
Laurence and Vicki Goetz
Andrew and Sheila
David and Chana Goldman
Jakob and Kim Goldstein
Jaleh Goodale
Daniel Gordon
Daniel E. Greer
Etan and Kayla Gross

Andrew and Shira Grill
D. Ken Harbinson
Lynn Harbinson
Benjamin and Malka
Manfred and Aviva
David and Ahuvah Heyman
Joseph and Elizabeth
Stuart and Irene Hoffman
Stephanie Holley
Norris and Gail Horwitz
Moshe and Mindi Hover
Charles D. Huber
Lisa Ishii
Murray Jacobson
Anne A. Jamison
(In honor of Matthew
Allan and Claire Jensen
Michael Judelson
R.S. Karlin
Laurence and Sandy Katz
Felicia Kaufman
Ruth Kincaid
Denise Kitchel
Roslyn Klawansky
Ari and Shoshana Krupp
Donald and Anita Kuritsky
Judah and Mira Labovitz
Elie and Esther Levi
Emmanuel Librowicz
Michele Lipkowitz
Henry and Miriam
Ofer and Marcie Lurman
Seymour and Faigie
Christopher Manfuso
Milton and Elenor Marder
Stanley and Malikie
Elizabeth Martin
Alan and Shulamith
Uri and Deborah Meth
Neil and Sayra Meyerhoff
Carol Ann Miller
Sara Milstein
John R. Minninger
Michael and Miriam
Dr. and Mrs. Ari L.
Yehuda and Anne
David and Celia Neuman
Jack and Shifra Novograd
Aaron and Sarah Paige
Darnell Ramsey
S. Jason Reitberger
Nick and Anita Richardson
Gary and Mindy Rockwood
Adele Rosenblatt
Sarah J. Rosenbloom
David Rossman and
Shoshana Gertz
Ahvner Rozwaski
John and Nancy
Joanne and Wade
Moshe and Malka
Margaret M. Schechter
Chaim and Adele Schnell
Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz
and Howard Schwartz
Rabbi Yehoshua and
Sarah Shapiro
Harriet E. Shiffman
Eliyahu and Susan Shuman
Michael Singer
Daniel and Ruchoma
Solomon and Minda
M. Rappaport
Ann Smith-Reiser
Fred and Janet Sunness
Hillel and Marsha Tendler
Samuel and Esther
Sholom and Tzipporah
David and Aidel Weisberg
Ralph and Anita Weiss
Ettastine Williams
Lynn Wintriss
Dina Glorioso and
Lori Wlodarczyk
Sally and Tzvi Wygoda
Louisa J. Wyskiel
Reuben Yudkowsky
Hayim and Rebekah Zeif
Abraham Zuckerbrod

Abell Foundation
Feats Impact Fund
GE Foundation
T. Rowe Price
Venable LLP

Christopher Schafer
DJ’s Willie and J.Gray
EmmeY Makeup Artistry
Flaunt on the Avenue
Red Maple
Star Won Botique
Michael Stavrinos
Ware House 518