Khan Academy – A Personalized Learning Tool for All Ages

With the advent of merging education and technology, there are so many exciting things being introduced to aid children throughout the learning process. One tool that is “removing the one-size-fits-all lecture from the classroom and letting students have a self paced lecture at home,” is Khan Academy. What began as a series of tutorial videos to help his cousins in math, Sal Khan’s Khan Academy has grown to include 5,500 instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard, including activities that empower learners to study at their own pace, both in- and outside of the classroom. This non-profit organization promises to offer all of […]

Getting the Most Out of Parent-Teacher Conferences

While, for many parents, it isn’t always the most anticipated time of the school year, parent-teacher conferences can be useful for everyone involved, including children. Whether they are struggling, right on track or regularly go above and beyond expectations, your child can truly benefit from this checkpoint. Here are some tips for getting the most out of parent teacher conferences. Stay in the loop. Don’t wait until parent-teacher conference time to learn what your child is or is not doing. Stay in the loop about your child’s progress regularly. Ask your teacher to send you a weekly or bi-weekly email summary about their progress, […]