CSFB Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Stories: Ju’waun Morgan

We love hearing success stories, especially those stories about CSFB scholarships that have helped children succeed. They inspire us, and so does Ju'waun! Ju’waun started out as a CSFB scholarship recipient, and this past May he graduated from Loyola University of Maryland and he has an apprenticeship with a television station lined up. Ju’waun’s mom found out about CSFB from a friend whose child was already in the program. She reached out to CSFB when she could no longer afford private school but wanted to find a way for Ju’waun to stay at the school he was then attending. Ju'waun [...]

Scholar Stories! 20 Years of Success

It warms our hearts to see our scholars succeed after they leave our program in 8th grade. Over the past 20 years, 97% of our alumni graduate from high school and 96% go on to college, technical school, the military and careers. Here’s a glimpse of three successful CSFB alumni and where they are now. Joe Flemke graduated from CSFB-affiliate school Sacred Heart of Mary. After high school, he earned an engineering degree from Capitol College. He’s now an Advanced Systems Engineer at General Dynamics Mission Systems. Joe believes that since CSFB believes in you, “it instills a hope that [...]

CSFB Alumni Spotlight: Ju’waun Morgan

We love to hear from our CSFB alumni. CSFB scholar Ju’waun Morgan, who attends Calvert Hall College High School, Class of 2014, reached out to us to tell his story: “CSF was a big part in supplementing my tuition to attend St. Pius X School.  I live in a failing school district and my mother chose for me to attended a catholic school to have a chance at a better education and safe school environment.  Not knowing how it would be financed, she reached out to CSFB.  After qualifying, she was able to make the tuition payment.  This has made a […]