Baltimore News

Maryland Education Credit Passes Senate

The Maryland Education Credit has passed through the entire Maryland Senate and has been sent to the House for action! Now is the time to continue the momentum and contact your Delegates in the House in order to urge their support. The Senate has done its part and now it’s time for the House to act! Please help us expand scholarship opportunities for nonpublic school students and strengthen our public schools at the same time! Email your delegates now by clicking below and ask them to vote YES on the Maryland Education Credit. Urge them to vote in favor of these […]

Innovative Summer Programs for Students in Baltimore

We’re proud of the Baltimore youth who are using this summer to hone some valuable skills. Whether it’s learning to code, exploring an aptitude for problem solving or learning critical thinking skills, Baltimore is bursting with innovative summer camps and programs for all ages. Engineering Innovation at Johns Hopkins At Johns Hopkins University (JHU), students in the Engineering Innovation program are given the chance to explore ideas and problem solve using simple tools, a practice that exposes students to foundational skills needed to for a career in engineering. “They’ve heard of engineering, but in high school they know almost nothing,” – Retired […]

The Hire One Youth Program, Uplifting Baltimore

The Hire One Youth Program in Baltimore connects young people between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one with five week work experiences.  For many youth, this will be their first real job and will teach them the importance of being on time, being accountable, working as part of a team, and much more. What makes the Hire One Youth Program so important is that it strategically matches older teens with their interests and projected career goals, making these internships a pivotal moment for Baltimore Youth. For many, opportunities like these may not have arisen otherwise. This year, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has a […]